YA-LE Dance Troupe



Ya-Yue(雅乐) Chinese dance troupe is a non-profit student group. We are dedicated to bring Chinese folk/traditional dance and culture to Yale and the outside community. We perform two to three dances every year at the Spring Festival Gala hosted by ACSSY (Association of Chinese Student and Scholars at Yale) and other occasions. We welcome everyone who is interested in Chinese folk/traditional dance to join us!

排练时间/Weekly practice

Thursday 8:00-10:00pm

Payne Whitney Gym Room D Floor 5


龚怡文 (Yiwen Gong) / yiwen.gong@yale.edu

指导教师/ instructor

李蕾 (Lei LI)


Lei LI, associate research scientist at Yale School of Medicine. She was born in China and grown up in the years of Culture Revolution. Back then there was a well-known dance “Zhong-Zi-Wu” were performed all year around from preschool kids to professional dancers. This is how she start her first dance. There was limited dance education available in those years in China, it is love and passion for dance made her very  talented dancer. She was an active member and serve as a Director of Butterfly Chinese Dance Troupe 2005-2009.